Day 2

Hey Hey!!

Today we left from Palm beach bright and early at 6:30! It was an absolutely spectacular sunrise!! Check it out!



If you look really closely you can just see Andy in the bottom right corner!

So today Andy was battling some pretty gnarley north west winds from Palm Beach upto Copacobana. It was there that we made the decision to jump out of the water and drive up to The Entrance which was the original target. From there he then paddled back to Copa so we did not cut out any kilometre’s!! This way Andy was just able to get the paddle done without burning himself out on the second day!

After we dropped Andy in the water, Darcy and I waited for him at Copa, with the big banner up and the donation bucket! It’s a quiet little beach but we still managed to receive around $100!

We’ll be setting up at every beach along the way if you would like to meet up and/or paddle out with Andy! EVERYONE IS WELCOME! I think tomorrow I should be posting an itinerary on the Journey page so you can have a rough idea of where to go!

Well today was one of those days where he just had to keep on paddling, didn’t see any wildlife meet have any boats meet up with him so there wasn’t much footage. However Darcy and I had a ball chilling to our favourite tunes and exploring the NSW coastline!

Sorry I wasn’t able to get the video of our first day out straight away, but it’s up now!! The video of today will also be up a bit later tonight.

Will update you all again tomorrow!


‘If you can’t find a way, make one’

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