Day 1

Hello Hello!!

DAY ONE!! Unbelievable! After all the build up the day has finally arrived!

Andy left this morning with a group of paddlers all there to send him off! A lot of them were nippers from North Bondi who were there to support Xavier. One of the people who came and paddled with us was NIGEL! It was so great to see him paddling hard out there with everyone! Most of the paddlers, including Nigel, paddled just around the headland to wave him off and then returned back to shore. It was so amazing to see the amount of people willing to give up their Sunday morning on chilly winter day to help out with this cause! You are all terrific people! It was also great to receive a little video of the people from our club, Mudjimba, with their boards waving Andy off! Thanks for putting that together Larnie!

Whilst Andy was setting up in the morning and after he had taken off their was a good old sausage sizzle going on outside the surf club. This little sizzle alone managed to rake in $850!! What an outstanding effort from the people of North Bondi!

After the hype had settled down a bit Darcy and I decided to take off and try and spot Andy along the way. There were a few occasions when we stopped at a head land and waited for a little while until we realized that Andy had already pasted us! I must say the combination of using all of gear for the first time and the lack of knowledge about NSW beaches lead to an interesting series of events through out the day. We ended up on a lot of the little back road through Manly and began to have to rotate through devices to keep them all charger considering we only have one car charger and both of our phones were almost flat! Well after trying to figure everything out and getting a better plan for tomorrow we ended up getting a lift in our mates boat to see Andy in the last 30 minutes of his paddle.

What a superb way to start this journey! I hope this weather keeps up!

So super sorry I will post the video tomorrow hopefully early-ish it’s just getting a bit late!!!

Chat tomorrow


‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!’ – Anonymous !

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