Well, well, well…

I can’t believe it… it’s all coming to a close! We couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish off the paddle.

The day kicked off with meeting everyone down at Mooloolaba to set forth to Mudjimba at 10:30. Even as we were getting ready at the car some people noticed us and asked to paddle with us! In the end we have about 12 board paddlers and 2 IRB’s following Andy up the coast. Once Darcy and I waved him off it was back to the club to set up for the day, the jumping castle arrived, the band came everything was running beautifully, it was a great turn out of around 100 people. Once Andy arrived everyone gathered on the beach including a few news crews and most importantly Steve Slezak, Xavier’s dad. Unfortunately Xavier couldn’t make it but it was an awesome surprise for Andy to see Steve there as he pulled up on the beach. After all the photos and news reports and hugs were done we made our way back up to the club to grab a snag and listen to some amazing live music from The Corridors who did the music for our DAY 1 video! Before the day wrapped up Steve presented Andy with a token of appreciation from Xavier and Nigel which was a beautiful canvas of Andy paddling into the sunrise at Palm Beach.


Andy then went on to say his thank yous to everyone and we enjoyed the rest of day catching up with friend that we hadn’t see in ages it was an awesome day! I also put on the lastest video for everyone which you can view here tomorrow sometime sorry you wouldn’t believe youtube! Also our photos are on facebook they’ll be in the gallery soon but because youtube is uploading it’s all just taking so long.

Anyway, it’s finally coming to an end, but just to be clear the donation account will still be open until the end of the month! We’ve really made some amazing friends and made some really awesome lifelong memories! So many mixed emotions that come along with this. The final blog! Well it’s off to school for me tomorrow, no more cruising on the beach! I can’t say we’re glad it’s over, just getting ready for the next adveture!!



‘Seize the Day’ – Nigel Harbach

Day 28


One more sleep! Today was all getting ready for tomorrow cutting onions, counting sausages etc.

I hope too see you all there!

Will have more to say tomorrow x


‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’ Nelson Mandela

Day 27

Hello hello!

Today was Andy’s first day that he hasn’t paddled in 26 days! Unbelievable! It wasn’t just a lazy day though. This morning started off with two radio station interviews and receiving many phone calls and emails to media hoping to get involved, so hopefully Sunday will be well covered!

Speaking of Sunday, firstly I’ve started working on the little movie! Loving reliving the memories haha. also bought a bunch of onions and condiments for the BBQ it’s looking good! BUT most exciting of all! We organised a jumping castle to be there wooooooo on Sunday you either going to see me with a camera in your face or on the castle! It’s gonna be a great time!

So after all the planning and all in the morning, we headed down to Brisbane to the Leukaemia Village. Such an amazing organisation. We got a little tour around to get ideas of where the money we raise will actually go. We also learnt to day that places like this are run almost solely of donations, with zero government funding. Stuff like that really grinds my gears! Anyway that is the reason we hope to raise much more money over the week or so until the account closes at the end of the month and help out places like this!

See you all Sunday!

Ciao for now!


‘There is no elevator for success, you have to take the stairs!’

Day 26

Hello there,

Not all that much to report today! Just a little paddle under 20km  from Caloundra to Mooloolaba in perfect sunny weather. Arrived at lunch time and had a glorious Mexican burrito.

Once Andy got in it gave us plenty of time to catch up with everyone and get organised for the next few days.

Tomorrow we have two radio interview first at 6:00 with 2GB then with Mark and Caroline on Mix FM at 7:30. So be listening out everyone! After that we are heading down to the Leukaemia House in Brisbane. So we’re not done yet!

Will inform you of events to come!!


‘Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried some thing new.’ – Albert Einstein

Day 25


1000km today!!! Yay  well it’s 1012 to be exact.

So we finally arrive on the sunshine coast! Don’t worry it’s not over yet we’ve still got the last leg from Caloundra to Mudjimba to go which Andy is doing half tomorrow and then half on Sunday so the we can be joined by other people keen to join in!

So today being the day we arrive close enough to home to sleep in our own beds tonight, we all assumed this would be the easiest day! Darcy and I were prepared to catch up with missed mates and Andy knew this paddle too well. Unfortunately we were mistaken… Today turned out to be the most stressful day! Not to matter we all got over it in the end!

So as Andy took of into the distance, Darcy and I instead of spotting him the whole way decided to head straight home and see some mates before we picked  Andy up. Well we were about 2 minutes away from a glorious lunch when Darcy got a phone call informing us that there was a strong northerly wind and Andy was unable to paddle against it anymore so we had to pick him up from Bribie Island. For those of you who do not know the middle of the Sunshine coast is a solid hour to Bribie Island. So we rushed back to get him but of course we had less than a quarter of a tank of fuel. So we had to quickly chuck some in to get to Andy before he developed hypothermia! Once were actually on our way we started to drive into a storm, a storm of which Andy was standing in stranded on the beach. Eventually we found the beach access on this island drove about 6km looking for him, and by then the storm had past, and he was happily paddling again. All was well and good and we turned around to head back to Caloundra to meet Andy there. BUT that did not happen… On the way out good decisions were not made and it ended up with us becoming heavily bogged in soft sand… Luckily some very lovely locals can to help us out and an hour, a burnt out clutch and some very sandy people later we were able to solider on! We ended up being only 5mins late to pick Andy up and all went well and we had a few laughs.

Now we’re home and we had a lovely mum cooked meal and wee can sleep in our own beds! Andy even informed us we can have a sleep in tomorrow! Woo!

It’s all about the adventure!

More stories tomorrow I’m sure!


‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing’ – Helen Keller

Day 24


Well it was our first rainy day today! I suppose that’s pretty good considering it’s day 24! But it did give a creepy start to the day. So as Andy disappeared into the fog. Darcy and I got onto our jobs for the day.

I am proud to say we accomplished everything  we needed to, sent off all the emails, called all the people, and got this flyer done up!


So share it around lets get it happening!! Woooo

It’s so great to see all the people on this trip! Today we ran into some old mates of Andy’s who had already heard about the paddle! So great! We are all super looking forward to Sunday to see everyone and have a great time!

Talk later x


‘Don’t worry about the things you can not control.’

^^^Andy’s favourite message when asked about his shark encounters


Day 23

Hello all!

I hope everyone is getting pumped for Sunday!! And I hope you can all make it!! It just keeps getting closer and closer. We land in Redcliff tomorrow, you can all now see the revised itinerary! However I would like to add in on the Thursday Andy will paddle from Caloundra to Mooloolaba so on Sunday it will be easier for people to join him for the paddle!

Today started off with Channel Nine coming to send us off from South Port SLSC so we finally got on the news! Thank you very much Nick! From then it was a pretty cruisey day had the wind at his back the whole time and made it in with plenty of time 🙂

For Darcy and I, the day mostly consisted of planning and phone calls but we eventually got everything done! Hopefully we get as much coverage as possible over the next week or so and keep the donations coming in!

Mick took another great photo of Andy today on South Port beach.



Well another day down!

Talk later.


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” – Dr Seuss

Day 22

Hey hey!

Today felt like another productive day but slightly more relaxed! However I think that’s just the Sunday vibes. Tomorrow there are a lot of phone calls to be made and things to organise!

So we arrived in the Gold Coast to day! Yay back in Queensland!! Darcy and I can already feel the warmth! Now that we are getting ever so close to home it is making organising media a lot easier. We actually have Channel 9 showing up with a camera tomorrow HOPEFULLY! The plan is that they get our story and put us out there a bit!

We’ll be taking off from Main beach tomorrow if anyone wishes to join us! It will be a great paddle if it was anything like today 🙂 Today was a nice southerly breeze, it did get a little bit chopping coming in the river mouth but a lovely warm day and little wind push. One of our photographer friends met us at the spit and took this beauty of Andy.


The weather forecast over the next few days although it is not bad, it is not favourable, and forced us to change our plans. Originally we planned to go from Dunwich to Morteon Island and then back to Caloundra. The forecast however is expecting westerly winds which would make it almost impossible to return from Morteon. So no we are going to just continue up the coast!

We will still be arriving at Mudjimba SLSC on the 20th of July with 1000km under our belt, just taking a different route. So make sure you get down or up to Mudjimba and grab a snag to support this cause! There will be a live band, volleyball and Andy is getting a bit of a woolly beard so whoever donates the most money gets to have at it with some clippers! It’ll be a great day guys!!

I’ve also just finished up the 2nd last movie of the trip so check it out here http://youtu.be/pIhzJO4UKog I will be putting together a nice big movie for the last day! But to see it first you have to come down to Mudjimba around 2:00pm and grab a snag!!

Counting down now!

Spread the love! x


‘Failure is not falling down, it;’s refusing to get up again.’


Day 21


Wow hard to believe it’s been THREE WEEKS! I’m sure it’s even more difficult for Andy to believe he’s paddled over 800 kilometres! What a trip! Today we left form Byron Bay and landed in Kingscliff, which are both such amazing beaches 😀  A big thanks again to Byron Bay SLSC for letting us stay in your club.

Andy was sent off with a glorious pinkish sunrise and the all the beach yogi’s doing there morning routine.


Today felt like an extremely productive day. Everything just ran smoothly, we achieved everything we needed to and even fit in a sneaky surf. The support crew stayed in Byron for a little bit in the morning exploring and shopping and then we headed up to Kingscliff where we were to meet Andy. Just putting it out there is the best gourmet pizza and pasta place along Marine Pde in Kings! Would recommend it!

Just been doing movies and stuff tonight, a regular sized or smaller one will be out tomorrow but there will be a whole trip one the will PREMIER on the Sunday we arrive at Mudjimba Surf Club.

One week left!

Peace out!


‘You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.’


Day 20


Another late start this morning waiting for the wind to die down! Got in a Ballina and started the trek up to Byron Bay 🙂 This was the support crews first time in Byron Bay and we absolutely loved it! Such a great atmosphere and some really cool and interesting people!

We spent most of the day exploring and busking around the streets! Busking however does not bring in as many donations as we would like, so if you could please share this link around https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/seize-the-day-big-paddle-for-leukaemia–3/x/7370257 it would be most helpful!!!

After a little while we met a few mates of ours down on the beach there to meet Andy paddling in. One of our friends, Ash, has a helicopter camera and we were able to get some awesome shots of Andy arriving!

We then got settled into the surf club at Byron. What a fantastic club! Thank you very much guys!


For dinner we went to a great little pizza place just down the road, it was delicious! When we came back to the club ready to get tucked in and fall asleep we were greeted by the fortnightly chant group just next door! What a blast! Good old Byron.

Well talk tomorrow!


‘The struggle your in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.’