About Us

This paddle was inspired by a family friend and work colleague, Nigel Harbach, who has been diagnosed with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome).With Andy working overseas he saw what his friends back home were doing to help Nigel out and wanted to contribute in his own way. On arriving home he started to plan out this paddle. It was decided that he would paddle from North Bondi SLSC, where Nigel is a member, to Mudjimba SLSC on the Sunshine Coast, where Andy is a member. The main aim for this paddle is to help Nigel get back on his feet and all the while raising money and awareness for people like Nigel who have been afflicted by Leukaemia and other blood disease.


As for Nigel’s story, after his first bone marrow transplant failed, the mounting medical costs meant that he was to sell his home in Bondi and move back to Western Australia with his family. This is where he was to receive his second bone marrow transplant in 12 months.



Meet the Team

Andy Owen


Andy is our main man! He’s the one doing this adventurous paddle and we’ll be covering his trip daily. Andy is an active member of Mudjimba SLSC and just wants the best outcome for everyone after this paddle.


Sommer Owen


Sommer is in charge of media and logistics. It is her job to ensure the world keeps updated with our travels and keep track of all our supporters! Should you message us through Facebook or email you will be talking to her. Sommer will also  be driving our cruiser up the coast to meet with Andy at each stop. It is in her capable hands that we trust she will provide a safe and stress free journey!


Darcy Owen

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Darcy is in charge of entertainment for the trip! Should Sommer start to feel bored at any stage or on Andy’s longer days, Darcy will be required to sing and/or dance to improve morale. JUST KIDDING! Darcy is in charge of communications! This includes to and from Andy and the shore, VMR (Volunteer Marine Rescue), as well as coordinating any rescue if/when needed.