Day 25


1000km today!!! Yay  well it’s 1012 to be exact.

So we finally arrive on the sunshine coast! Don’t worry it’s not over yet we’ve still got the last leg from Caloundra to Mudjimba to go which Andy is doing half tomorrow and then half on Sunday so the we can be joined by other people keen to join in!

So today being the day we arrive close enough to home to sleep in our own beds tonight, we all assumed this would be the easiest day! Darcy and I were prepared to catch up with missed mates and Andy knew this paddle too well. Unfortunately we were mistaken… Today turned out to be the most stressful day! Not to matter we all got over it in the end!

So as Andy took of into the distance, Darcy and I instead of spotting him the whole way decided to head straight home and see some mates before we picked  Andy up. Well we were about 2 minutes away from a glorious lunch when Darcy got a phone call informing us that there was a strong northerly wind and Andy was unable to paddle against it anymore so we had to pick him up from Bribie Island. For those of you who do not know the middle of the Sunshine coast is a solid hour to Bribie Island. So we rushed back to get him but of course we had less than a quarter of a tank of fuel. So we had to quickly chuck some in to get to Andy before he developed hypothermia! Once were actually on our way we started to drive into a storm, a storm of which Andy was standing in stranded on the beach. Eventually we found the beach access on this island drove about 6km looking for him, and by then the storm had past, and he was happily paddling again. All was well and good and we turned around to head back to Caloundra to meet Andy there. BUT that did not happen… On the way out good decisions were not made and it ended up with us becoming heavily bogged in soft sand… Luckily some very lovely locals can to help us out and an hour, a burnt out clutch and some very sandy people later we were able to solider on! We ended up being only 5mins late to pick Andy up and all went well and we had a few laughs.

Now we’re home and we had a lovely mum cooked meal and wee can sleep in our own beds! Andy even informed us we can have a sleep in tomorrow! Woo!

It’s all about the adventure!

More stories tomorrow I’m sure!


‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing’ – Helen Keller

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