Day 19


Today kicked off with a little trip up to Byron Bay before the paddle to get on the local radio station Bay FM, for which we were rewarded with free pies. I hope you guys were listening in!!

So the paddle started a little bit later in the day today, about 9:00, so we missed the sunrise. By the time we got down to the beach the wind was howling and the swell was massive. Pretty much the whole leg today was up one gigantic long beach so it was nice for the support crew but not as great for Andy.

Then we caught a ferry over to South Ballina to pick up Andy and made our way back to the motel! Off to Byron Bay tomorrow, look out for us!

Good talk! x


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Day 18


So I arrived back on the paddle last night to meet up with the gang at Evans Heads! Darcy has been looking after Andy very well and I’m sure he’s been entertaining you. However I’m back to blogging and will be making some movies soon ­čśÇ

This morning was a glorious sunrise of pinks and reds and oranges, and it was so cold the water was steaming! Just crazy beautiful! Once we left the motel was just getting back into the mode of things and chillaxing on the beach with the uke and bucket out! We’re really lacking donations at the moment though so please anyone new reading this donate here or even any media contacts would really help out! We do have a radio interview tomorrow though so be listening in to Bay FM tomorrow morning around 7:00!

Just down loaded all the footage so might get started on a movie tonight and hopefully get it out tomorrow!


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Day 17

Ayyyy my people!! Day 17 aye, woah, this will be my last blog and then Sommer will take over media again! By the way Sommer got back today if you didn’t get that from that.. so you’ll hopefully be getting another video anytime soon!! So last night we all had a great sleep sleeping in a unit that was lent to us as i mentioned in the previous post, got a good start this morning and Andy paddled from Yamba down to Minnie Waters in hopes to go with the wind as the weather report had predicted…. yeah the weather report was wrong… who knew! but it wasn’t to bad and ended up turning back to a northerly by the end of the day.

Along the paddles Andy is generally always seeing whales waving their tales and jumping about! And there’s been a lot of dolphins swimming around too! We turned up to a headland this morning trying to spot dad, and we asked the people their if they had seen a very fluorescent man on a big stand up paddle board and they said yeah they saw him go past, we asked where the next lookout was and they said that its about 15 minutes down the road, they also so said, and i quote, “aw yeah but that’s a bit fair to paddle.” yeah… we then explained he’s paddling 1000km to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation and the look on their face was priceless! Also great the hear that Xavier is doing really well at the moment and running around having fun which is what we want!!!

Well, my duties are done, this is Darcy signing off… from everyone hear at seize the day big paddle leukaemia and even people not from here, goodnight!

‘If you follow 2 rules then you will always succeed. Rule #1 never give up… Rule #2 always follow rule #1.’

~Steve Slezak

Day 16

Hey guys!

Had an all round good day today! Got going a tiny bit later than expected but thats ok cause we stopped in at Wheelie from Redrock Surf Clubs house and Sher Brown and gave a donation from her family which was very kind! Such nice people up here! The surf life saving brotherhood is a good one I tell ya!

Andy didnt see any whales today which is suprising! but he was paddling in slightly shallower rocky waters so i guess it’s fair enough he didn’t see any, still saw plenty of dolphins! Pulled up to the next stop from Redrock/Corrindi which was a great little town called Minnie waters! so nice there and beautiful beaches and such nice people there, as always!

Drove up to Yamba and staying in a unit there which Rodney Mcskimming and his company Royan Truck and Trailer Repairs had very very kindly donated to us! We’re staying up at Yamba instead Minnie Waters only because their is meant to be and northerly wind tomorrow so dad will be paddling south to Minnie Waters instead of paddling against the wind which is good thinking I reckon!

Well thats all from me, I’m Darcy Owen and this is big paddle, and from all of us here, goodnight…

‘Success does not require you to look out the window, it only requires that you look in the mirror.’

Day 15

G’day guys and girls!

Nice smooth day today! Staying at Redrock-Corrindi SLSC tonight, and had a few amazing members of the club come and give us company for the night and cook us a great meal and are just great people all round! One of then officials at Coffs Harbour SLSC rang up a few of his surf club contacts further up the coast and so now just today had the Redrock and Minnie Waters surf life saving club call me up and say we could stay at their club! Which is a huge help to us!

Andy had a great, almost cruisy day! The members of Redrock SLSC took us on a tour of their beautiful beaches! and after that cooked us amazing food and told some great stories! Had a couple of whales come within about 15m of Andys board blowin mist into the air! Hopefully he got some footage! Stopped and went for a surf at Woolgoolga back beach as Andy paddled past me on his board!

Well not a whole lot to report from today! Until next time.. I’m Darcy Owen, and this is Seize the Day, goodnight and stay classy….

‘Pain makes the reward that much better.’

Day 14

Day 14!! What an amazing 2 weeks it has been seeing all the beautiful beaches along the coast, and meeting some great people and great wildlife and everything!! 2 weeks and 550 or so k’s under Andy’s belt, I reckon that’s a pretty solid effort.

Bit of a spooky ol sea mist this morning! which will be shown in the next video… A dolphin was about 20 meters offshore to great Andy in his takeoff this morning which was a good sign! Along the way Andy encountered he reckons around 100 dolphins! but whether that’s a bit of an exaggeration or not we don’t know, after all he is the only one out there, and there’s nothing to prove him right or wrong!

Staying at the magnificent Coffs Harbour Surf Life Saving Club tonight which is a great privilege and very kind of the owners. Paddling up Sawtell beach the wind had changed directly into Andy’s face! So he pulled into the beach and came across a whale carcass! A gonna was feeding off it and however unfortunate it is its the circle of life!

Well that is what went on today guys! Gotta go get some sleep, if I can at all over Andy’s snoring… well at least someone will be getting a good sleep! Bye Bye

‘The poorest man isn’t the one without a penny, the poorest man is the one without a dream.”

Day 13

Ayyyy guys its Darcy here! I know I’m no Sommer but ill give it a red hot crack at writing the blog for a few days!!! So today Sommer left to go to Canberra and mum drove down to replace her to do the driving since I legally can’t drive… But i’ll be handling the Media side of things for the next few days so should be good.

Only a little day today, but Andy is wrapped about getting past the halfway point today paddling 28.75km to reach 504.05km from Nambucca Heads to South West Rocks, so counting down now, its all down hill from here! It was a relatively business related day.. and by that I mean he just got out, got the job done, didn’t see a whole lot, but just getting the kilometers done!

We have been trying to get in contact with the media but will be making more calls to amp up the media side up things! Today was mostly spent as preparation time for her army selection course and dropping and picking up Andy, still beautiful beaches and sights all along the coast! The weather has been treating us right the whole time! Crystal clear water and not tooo windy and hasn’t rained a bit!

Well that’s it from me today guys! Tune in next time for more story’s of Andy’s great adventures….!

‘No body ever talked about the one that gave up, but everybody always remembers the one who kept going.’

Day 12

Good Evening!

I can’t believe it’s day 12 today! Tomorrow we’ll be halfway at Nambucca Head. It’s been a crazy journey so far! Today we spent the day at South West Rocks, surfing, jamming and soaking up the sun. Andy had a little pod of whales escort him about halfway up the ┬ácoast today. Another great day of paddling! This is us at the Rocks this morning. As you can see this was such a perfect day in paradise! Hard to believe we’re in the middle of winter!


photo 1


Last night we got┬áthe results┬áback from Nigel’s 100 day tests. Everything is looking great so far! His new cells are MDS free which means the transplant was successful! We are so proud of you Nigel after everything you’ve gone through! Can’t wait to go surfing with you some time ­čśÇ

Good times all round today! We just hope the money we raise can help even more people to beat leukaemia. Every little bit counts, thank you everyone would donated in the bucket today!

Like I said yesterday, today is going to be my last blog for 5 nights while I’m in Canberra but Darcy will be taking over! So there will be one less person running around, so I apologize if things seem to run a little bit slow!

Well I look forward to hearing about everything in a few days.

Peace out!


‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to end, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.’

^ (personal favorite that one) ^



Day 11

Hey guys,

Today we arrived in Crescent Head and the first thing Darcy and I did was go for a surf! The water was absolutely perfect, I don’t know why everyone was wearing their wet suits. I suppose they just make us tough up in Queensland!

Once we got back on the beach we set up the banner and donation bucket and played a little tune on the uke to try and promote our cause. Now I’m no Tahlia Baumann but it I think it really set the mood for the day. There is nothing better than soaking up the sun, while watching whales and listening to the uke.

Andy paddle distance of 32km today with the wind at his back. Mother nature is being a bit kinder to us now! Just as Andy was paddling into the bay at Crescent Head a pod of whales were playing not to far from everyone. It was a spectacular site.

It seems everywhere we go everyone is looking to help us out. At the motel we are staying in at the moment, the owner heard our story and shared it on Facebook which has already sparked a lot of interest for us. She has also set us up for dinner when we get to South West Rocks, which is our next stop.

I think tomorrow my aim is to get a lot of calls done to a lot more local newspaper up the coast! And hopefully get in touch with more SLSC’s to get accommodation in. I HAVE been working on the a page where you can listen to and download the music we have used because I know how much we enjoy Tahlia’s songs, but it’s proving ┬ámore difficult than I expected. Our website doesn’t have the capacity to allow music to be stored or downloaded and Taz is on soundcloud so you can listen to her here┬ábut you can’t download off there either. I am working on a solution!

Also just in quick news tomorrow will be my last blog for 5 days as I have to run down to Canberra for an army selection course, sooooo Darcy will be taking over for then! I’m sure he can handle it ­čśÇ So there will be one less pair of hands on deck so if things run a little slower PLEASE don’t be concerned!

Peace and love x


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Day 10

Hi All,

Day 10, double digits!! We landed in Port Macquarie today, another gorgeous beach! It was definitely the shortest day yet. Andy paddled this stop in 5 hours! Darcy and I thought he was being a slacker and should’ve just paddled to the next stop. Well it was a beautiful day and we all went for a lovely swim afterwards and then a late lunch. It was a day well spent soaking up the sun!

In the afternoon once Andy had arrived Caroline from Port Marquarie Independent Newspaper met us at the beach to ask him a few questions and get a photo! I will post the link once it’s out!

Well like I said only a little day today. Looking forward to more adventures tomorrow!

I have to go now, Andy has taken up Darcy’s bed because he is waiting to get his phone that I am using for a hot spot.

photo (1)

So talk later everyone!


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