Well, well, well…

I can’t believe it… it’s all coming to a close! We couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish off the paddle.

The day kicked off with meeting everyone down at Mooloolaba to set forth to Mudjimba at 10:30. Even as we were getting ready at the car some people noticed us and asked to paddle with us! In the end we have about 12 board paddlers and 2 IRB’s following Andy up the coast. Once Darcy and I waved him off it was back to the club to set up for the day, the jumping castle arrived, the band came everything was running beautifully, it was a great turn out of around 100 people. Once Andy arrived everyone gathered on the beach including a few news crews and most importantly Steve Slezak, Xavier’s dad. Unfortunately Xavier couldn’t make it but it was an awesome surprise for Andy to see Steve there as he pulled up on the beach. After all the photos and news reports and hugs were done we made our way back up to the club to grab a snag and listen to some amazing live music from The Corridors who did the music for our DAY 1 video! Before the day wrapped up Steve presented Andy with a token of appreciation from Xavier and Nigel which was a beautiful canvas of Andy paddling into the sunrise at Palm Beach.


Andy then went on to say his thank yous to everyone and we enjoyed the rest of day catching up with friend that we hadn’t see in ages it was an awesome day! I also put on the lastest video for everyone which you can view here tomorrow sometime sorry you wouldn’t believe youtube! Also our photos are on facebook they’ll be in the gallery soon but because youtube is uploading it’s all just taking so long.

Anyway, it’s finally coming to an end, but just to be clear the donation account will still be open until the end of the month! We’ve really made some amazing friends and made some really awesome lifelong memories! So many mixed emotions that come along with this. The final blog! Well it’s off to school for me tomorrow, no more cruising on the beach! I can’t say we’re glad it’s over, just getting ready for the next adveture!!



‘Seize the Day’ – Nigel Harbach

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  1. That certainly chocked me up guys . Tearing up right now just reading this . So proud of all of you . Outstanding Love and respect Seize the day Nige

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