Day 27

Hello hello!

Today was Andy’s first day that he hasn’t paddled in 26 days! Unbelievable! It wasn’t just a lazy day though. This morning started off with two radio station interviews and receiving many phone calls and emails to media hoping to get involved, so hopefully Sunday will be well covered!

Speaking of Sunday, firstly I’ve started working on the little movie! Loving reliving the memories haha. also bought a bunch of onions and condiments for the BBQ it’s looking good! BUT most exciting of all! We organised a jumping castle to be there wooooooo on Sunday you either going to see me with a camera in your face or on the castle! It’s gonna be a great time!

So after all the planning and all in the morning, we headed down to Brisbane to the Leukaemia Village. Such an amazing organisation. We got a little tour around to get ideas of where the money we raise will actually go. We also learnt to day that places like this are run almost solely of donations, with zero government funding. Stuff like that really grinds my gears! Anyway that is the reason we hope to raise much more money over the week or so until the account closes at the end of the month and help out places like this!

See you all Sunday!

Ciao for now!


‘There is no elevator for success, you have to take the stairs!’

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