Day 22

Hey hey!

Today felt like another productive day but slightly more relaxed! However I think that’s just the Sunday vibes. Tomorrow there are a lot of phone calls to be made and things to organise!

So we arrived in the Gold Coast to day! Yay back in Queensland!! Darcy and I can already feel the warmth! Now that we are getting ever so close to home it is making organising media a lot easier. We actually have Channel 9 showing up with a camera tomorrow HOPEFULLY! The plan is that they get our story and put us out there a bit!

We’ll be taking off from Main beach tomorrow if anyone wishes to join us! It will be a great paddle if it was anything like today šŸ™‚ Today was a nice southerly breeze, it did get a little bit chopping coming in the river mouth but a lovely warm day and little wind push. One of our photographer friends met us at the spit and took this beauty of Andy.


The weather forecast over the next few days although it is not bad, it is not favourable, and forced us to change our plans. Originally we planned to go from Dunwich to Morteon Island and then back to Caloundra. The forecast however is expecting westerly winds which would make it almost impossible to return from Morteon. So no we are going to just continue up the coast!

We will still be arriving at Mudjimba SLSC on the 20th of July with 1000km under our belt, just taking a different route. So make sure you get down or up to Mudjimba and grab a snag to support this cause! There will be a live band, volleyball and Andy is getting a bit of a woolly beard so whoever donates the most money gets to have at it with some clippers! It’ll be a great day guys!!

I’ve alsoĀ just finished up the 2nd last movie of the trip so check it out hereĀĀ I will be putting together a nice big movie for the last day! But to see it first you have to come down to Mudjimba around 2:00pm and grab a snag!!

Counting down now!

Spread the love! x


‘Failure is not falling down, it;’s refusing to get up again.’


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