Day 18


So I arrived back on the paddle last night to meet up with the gang at Evans Heads! Darcy has been looking after Andy very well and I’m sure he’s been entertaining you. However I’m back to blogging and will be making some movies soon 😀

This morning was a glorious sunrise of pinks and reds and oranges, and it was so cold the water was steaming! Just crazy beautiful! Once we left the motel was just getting back into the mode of things and chillaxing on the beach with the uke and bucket out! We’re really lacking donations at the moment though so please anyone new reading this donate here or even any media contacts would really help out! We do have a radio interview tomorrow though so be listening in to Bay FM tomorrow morning around 7:00!

Just down loaded all the footage so might get started on a movie tonight and hopefully get it out tomorrow!


‘As you think, so you shall become.’ – Bruce Lee


2 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. Was hoping to make it to see Andy arrive on the Gold coast this weekend.. Would you be able to give me a rough time frame please.
    Thanks in Advance.

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