Day 17

Ayyyy my people!! Day 17 aye, woah, this will be my last blog and then Sommer will take over media again! By the way Sommer got back today if you didn’t get that from that.. so you’ll hopefully be getting another video anytime soon!! So last night we all had a great sleep sleeping in a unit that was lent to us as i mentioned in the previous post, got a good start this morning and Andy paddled from Yamba down to Minnie Waters in hopes to go with the wind as the weather report had predicted…. yeah the weather report was wrong… who knew! but it wasn’t to bad and ended up turning back to a northerly by the end of the day.

Along the paddles Andy is generally always seeing whales waving their tales and jumping about! And there’s been a lot of dolphins swimming around too! We turned up to a headland this morning trying to spot dad, and we asked the people their if they had seen a very fluorescent man on a big stand up paddle board and they said yeah they saw him go past, we asked where the next lookout was and they said that its about 15 minutes down the road, they also so said, and i quote, “aw yeah but that’s a bit fair to paddle.” yeah… we then explained he’s paddling 1000km to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation and the look on their face was priceless! Also great the hear that Xavier is doing really well at the moment and running around having fun which is what we want!!!

Well, my duties are done, this is Darcy signing off… from everyone hear at seize the day big paddle leukaemia and even people not from here, goodnight!

‘If you follow 2 rules then you will always succeed. Rule #1 never give up… Rule #2 always follow rule #1.’

~Steve Slezak

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