Day 15

G’day guys and girls!

Nice smooth day today! Staying at Redrock-Corrindi SLSC tonight, and had a few amazing members of the club come and give us company for the night and cook us a great meal and are just great people all round! One of then officials at Coffs Harbour SLSC rang up a few of his surf club contacts further up the coast and so now just today had the Redrock and Minnie Waters surf life saving club call me up and say we could stay at their club! Which is a huge help to us!

Andy had a great, almost cruisy day! The members of Redrock SLSC took us on a tour of their beautiful beaches! and after that cooked us amazing food and told some great stories! Had a couple of whales come within about 15m of Andys board blowin mist into the air! Hopefully he got some footage! Stopped and went for a surf at Woolgoolga back beach as Andy paddled past me on his board!

Well not a whole lot to report from today! Until next time.. I’m Darcy Owen, and this is Seize the Day, goodnight and stay classy….

‘Pain makes the reward that much better.’

One thought on “Day 15

  1. oh my gosh you will be coming around the corner in no time! one of my favourite places in the world happy family memories at Red Rock. Stay safe and love the reports Darc!

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