Day 14

Day 14!! What an amazing 2 weeks it has been seeing all the beautiful beaches along the coast, and meeting some great people and great wildlife and everything!! 2 weeks and 550 or so k’s under Andy’s belt, I reckon that’s a pretty solid effort.

Bit of a spooky ol sea mist this morning! which will be shown in the next video… A dolphin was about 20 meters offshore to great Andy in his takeoff this morning which was a good sign! Along the way Andy encountered he reckons around 100 dolphins! but whether that’s a bit of an exaggeration or not we don’t know, after all he is the only one out there, and there’s nothing to prove him right or wrong!

Staying at the magnificent Coffs Harbour Surf Life Saving Club tonight which is a great privilege and very kind of the owners. Paddling up Sawtell beach the wind had changed directly into Andy’s face! So he pulled into the beach and came across a whale carcass! A gonna was feeding off it and however unfortunate it is its the circle of life!

Well that is what went on today guys! Gotta go get some sleep, if I can at all over Andy’s snoring… well at least someone will be getting a good sleep! Bye Bye

‘The poorest man isn’t the one without a penny, the poorest man is the one without a dream.”

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