Day 13

Ayyyy guys its Darcy here! I know I’m no Sommer but ill give it a red hot crack at writing the blog for a few days!!! So today Sommer left to go to Canberra and mum drove down to replace her to do the driving since I legally can’t drive… But i’ll be handling the Media side of things for the next few days so should be good.

Only a little day today, but Andy is wrapped about getting past the halfway point today paddling 28.75km to reach 504.05km from Nambucca Heads to South West Rocks, so counting down now, its all down hill from here! It was a relatively business related day.. and by that I mean he just got out, got the job done, didn’t see a whole lot, but just getting the kilometers done!

We have been trying to get in contact with the media but will be making more calls to amp up the media side up things! Today was mostly spent as preparation time for her army selection course and dropping and picking up Andy, still beautiful beaches and sights all along the coast! The weather has been treating us right the whole time! Crystal clear water and not tooo windy and hasn’t rained a bit!

Well that’s it from me today guys! Tune in next time for more story’s of Andy’s great adventures….!

‘No body ever talked about the one that gave up, but everybody always remembers the one who kept going.’

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