Day 12

Good Evening!

I can’t believe it’s day 12 today! Tomorrow we’ll be halfway at Nambucca Head. It’s been a crazy journey so far! Today we spent the day at South West Rocks, surfing, jamming and soaking up the sun. Andy had a little pod of whales escort him about halfway up the  coast today. Another great day of paddling! This is us at the Rocks this morning. As you can see this was such a perfect day in paradise! Hard to believe we’re in the middle of winter!


photo 1


Last night we got the results back from Nigel’s 100 day tests. Everything is looking great so far! His new cells are MDS free which means the transplant was successful! We are so proud of you Nigel after everything you’ve gone through! Can’t wait to go surfing with you some time 😀

Good times all round today! We just hope the money we raise can help even more people to beat leukaemia. Every little bit counts, thank you everyone would donated in the bucket today!

Like I said yesterday, today is going to be my last blog for 5 nights while I’m in Canberra but Darcy will be taking over! So there will be one less person running around, so I apologize if things seem to run a little bit slow!

Well I look forward to hearing about everything in a few days.

Peace out!


‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to end, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.’

^ (personal favorite that one) ^



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