Day 11

Hey guys,

Today we arrived in Crescent Head and the first thing Darcy and I did was go for a surf! The water was absolutely perfect, I don’t know why everyone was wearing their wet suits. I suppose they just make us tough up in Queensland!

Once we got back on the beach we set up the banner and donation bucket and played a little tune on the uke to try and promote our cause. Now I’m no Tahlia Baumann but it I think it really set the mood for the day. There is nothing better than soaking up the sun, while watching whales and listening to the uke.

Andy paddle distance of 32km today with the wind at his back. Mother nature is being a bit kinder to us now! Just as Andy was paddling into the bay at Crescent Head a pod of whales were playing not to far from everyone. It was a spectacular site.

It seems everywhere we go everyone is looking to help us out. At the motel we are staying in at the moment, the owner heard our story and shared it on Facebook which has already sparked a lot of interest for us. She has also set us up for dinner when we get to South West Rocks, which is our next stop.

I think tomorrow my aim is to get a lot of calls done to a lot more local newspaper up the coast! And hopefully get in touch with more SLSC’s to get accommodation in. I HAVE been working on the a page where you can listen to and download the music we have used because I know how much we enjoy Tahlia’s songs, but it’s proving  more difficult than I expected. Our website doesn’t have the capacity to allow music to be stored or downloaded and Taz is on soundcloud so you can listen to her here but you can’t download off there either. I am working on a solution!

Also just in quick news tomorrow will be my last blog for 5 days as I have to run down to Canberra for an army selection course, sooooo Darcy will be taking over for then! I’m sure he can handle it 😀 So there will be one less pair of hands on deck so if things run a little slower PLEASE don’t be concerned!

Peace and love x


‘If everything isn’t going right, go left’


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