Day 9

Hey everyone!

So I don’t know if any of you just heard the video of Andy snoring but it is definitely something spectacular… It’s on facebook! Anyy way! It was another beautiful day in paradise! Lovely hot sun and the crystal clear water too bad for the bit of wind chill!

Andy paddled from Harrington to North Haven today! A cruisey 37.5 km! Finally the wind has started to turn around to push us north! In the adventures of today, Andy saw some dolphins playing in the waves along the beaches. He said they were surfing them in tumbling right onto the sand. But he didn’t manage to catch it on video! BUMMER! He did get a little bit more footage of the dolphins where I’m sure you can hear them clicking but Andy and Darcy just think I’m crazy, well you guys can be the judge of that in our end of the week video!

Darcy and I also went for a little surf today at North Haven the water was so lovely! Although, people seemed to be amazed that we were even getting around in our swimmers!

Tonight we are sleeping in Camden Haven SLSC it so lovely! BIG THANK YOU TOO ALL YOU GUYS! Darcy and I have taken up the huge couch and Andy is swagging it on the floor. He seems to be getting a good enough sleep though haha

Well I’m going to TRY and sleep now but I’ll see how I go! Night!


‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it.’ – Alan Kay


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