Day 8

Hello Hello!

What a great day today! The wind was at our back and the swell was relatively calm. Andy Paddled from Forster to Harrington today. Along the way he met a lady by the name of Nolean and of her few mates from Black Head SLSC, so we can hopefully start spreading the words by ear and get some media behind us!! Any journalists or aspiring journalists  just call me on 0401042692 lets spread this!!

I have to say travelling up the coast is such a great experience! We get to meet so many great people all with amazing stories to tell and just beaches!! Even going inland a little bit this is such a gorgeous country we are so lucky to have!

Well having a nice early night tonight to be able to take off to Laurieton! We’re all up to date now with videos and blogs thank god! So there shouldn’t be any more delays. The latest movie is the last couple of days because of the weather and getting into a routine we didn’t capture much footage, but the stuff we did get was GREAT! I hope you enjoy it!! Watch it here

An update on Xavier as well, his last hospital stay was 8 days during which he had to receive a platelet transfusion and two more blood transfusions. This was also accompanied by the gruelling chemotherapy. I don’t think anyone can begin to imagine what family’s like Xavier’s go through. Xavier is a champion little nipper and we want to give all the support we can so that he can over come this and get back in the water and put it all behind him! Thinking you all the time mate!!

We are waiting to hear about Nigel’s 100 day results they should be in this week.

Love you all!


Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great.
Orison Swett Marden

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