Day 7


Today was a rather quiet day. We did the same thing as yesterday, start up north and paddle south because of the wind. So we started from Forster and paddled back to Seal Rocks. The wind was at Andy’s back and the ocean was relativity calm until right near the end of the day when it started to rain.

Darcy and I used the day to catch up on any shopping and reply to calls and emails and just as we began to drive down to Seal Rocks we got a call from Andy. It was only around 1:30 and he had already arrived unfortunately we were still 2omins away! We rushed to get there but as we were about 5mins away we ran out of fuel… So we had to turn around and race back to get some fuel so we could make it after we pick up Andy. It ended up taking all in all around an hour for us to arrive once Andy landed. Whoops! We under estimated that time!

Luckily our friends the Verco’s have an gorgeous beach our in Seal Rocks and Andy was able to take shelter there until we arrived! Thank you so very much guys! I think the hot showers and tea was extremely appreciated!

Well that was the news of today!

Hopefully Day 3 video AT LEAST tomorrow!!

Peace out


We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough.
Helen Keller

2 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. Loving reading the blogs of your adventures. Can’t wait to hear about the pod of whales. What a beautiful memory. Super proud of your efforts Andy. xo

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