Day 6


The plan for day 6 was to paddle from Hawksnest to Seal Rocks. However the wind was blowing northerly, AGAIN. So we decided that the best idea would be for us to drive straight up to Seal Rocks and paddle back down to Hawksnest. That way its the same amount of kilometres it just means that Andy would be back for Christmas.

After a gigantic sleep in until around 6:30 we arrived at Seal Rocks and it was absolutely spectacular! The water was so clear and it was toooo cold. Just as Andy paddled around the corner of the islands he paddled right over a pod of whales! Luckily we caught it on film and it was just the most majestic thing you will ever see!! I will post the videos tomorrow.

As well as Andy having an amazing paddle with the marine life Darcy and I also had a great experience around Seal Rocks. It was the first time we had gone for a swim since we’ve been down here! Shameful I know! So we got one of the boards and a masks and took it in turns for swimming and paddling. Well we also tried to both paddle at once a couple of times but that proved quite difficult. But whilst we were out there, there were a small group of dolphins swimming metres away from us! Such an amazing sight.

We then drove down to Hawksnest to wait for Andy and I had me first attempt at driving on the beach… I stalled 3 times… Not to matter once we picked Andy up he gave me a quick lesson until we decided that it was just best that he drives!

Well talk soon! 🙂


Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.
Albert Einstein

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