Day 5

Hi again FINALLY!

So it is day 7 but I will be recapping day 5 and then day 6 and then obviously today!

Day 5 Newcastle to Hawksnest!! The biggest day yet, paddling 58kim!! It was also the first day Andy had a straight paddle north without having to be picked up. Although the wind was blowing from the south westerly today which was a nice change, the swell got up to about 2m! This meant Andy had to be extremely careful paddling around the rocks of the headlands. The whole day was a balance of staying close enough to shore so that he wasn’t blown to New Zealand and not so close that a wave could pick him up and dump him on to the rocks.

Around 90% of this leg of the paddle was around national park. This meant that after driving north for a little while we ran out of reception. So it was a little bit of hit and miss of where to meet Andy because when he called it would keep dropping out and then the 3G on our phones wasn’t working so the tracker  wasn’t an option. Eventually we found the beach we were to meet him at packed up in the freezing cold in the dark.

We were supposed to stay at the Hawksnest SLSC tonight but after a quick evaluation of the weather tomorrow we decided that we would travel south the next day instead. So we drove up to Bulahdelah and got a motel there so we could take of from Seal Rocks the next day.

Peace out


‘If want your trees to grow you can pray for rain but don’t forget to water the seeds’ – Anonymous

One thought on “Day 5

  1. Andy you are truly an inspiration, Xavier myself and the family are all in awe of what you are doing, respect.
    We are thinking of you day in Day out and will publish Xavier’s update tomorrow, good luck with this cold snap and winds that we are experiencing, hopefully not too bad for you. You are truly an amazing person
    Cheers Steve

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