We’re Finally Here

Hi there!

What an adventure it has been already and Andy hasn’t even taken off yet! So we finally arrived in Bondi this morning at 6:00am! After 16 hours, a few wrong turns, many Redbulls and being blinded by multiple people who are unaware of the ability to dim their head lights, we arrived in North Head to watch the majestic sunrise. It was a brilliant start to a brilliant day.

Watch a quick video of our day here! http://youtu.be/o_z3h9L0qHI

After we arrived at the friends house we are staying in and caught some z’s, we headed down to North Bondi SLSC to meet up with everyone who paddled up from Thirroul. It was a bit of mad dash as we ran down to the beach just as they were pulling in. It was great to finally shake hands with everyone who had come together to help us raise so much money and awareness. Their hard work resulted in a well earned barbecue and stubbies. We were keen to hear all about the adventures over the past couple of days. The boys told us that they had encountered all sorts of marine life including dolphins, whales, sea lions and SHARKS! To which Andy replied ‘Oh I might take a snorkel and mask so I can go for swim.’… well each to their own.

The lunch was followed by an amazing tour around North Bondi Surf Club guided by and old legend around these parts Kevin ‘The Pest’. Kevin has been a part of Bondi Surf Club for a long time and is somewhat of a father figure for Nigel. It was obvious that Kevin was extremely proud of his club and how far he had seen it come and for a great reason. North Bondi Surf Club is certainly a surf club above the rest, a beautiful building, decked out with a gym, bars, functions rooms and even elevators! We are all so lucky to have beaches and clubs like this in our country!

Also with us to meet up with the Thirroul boys was Nigel. It is Nigel’s 100 days today after his second bone marrow transplant and he’s feeling great! He may even feel up to paddling out with dad tomorrow morning! He had his beautiful wife and son with him who are enormously happy for him!

To finish off the day the team and Nigel went down to visit Xavier in hospital.


Unfortunately Xavier is quite sick at the moment and is in and out of hospital with a temperature. However if all goes well tonight he should be able to come and see us off tomorrow! What a trooper! We really just want the best for Xavier and hope that the money we raise will help him out!

It’s going to be a BIG day tomorrow! Come on down and cheer Andy on as he paddles off! Well if your back home in QLD make sure you are watching channel 10 news!!

Good night everyone!


‘Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when your done!’ – Anonymous

(courtesy of Don Parry, always keeping us motivated x)



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