Last day on the Coast :D

Hello all!!

So we take off to Bondi tomorrow morning! Aaaaaaaaannnd we aren’t packed. It’s ok we’ll get it done! Well today we have just been finalising everything and making sure we are mostly sorted to head off tomorrow! I feel like we’re going to be having an nice early morning tomorrow so we can have more than one set of clothes on the trip.

Yesterday we received some ‘Leukaemia Foundation’ gear and we got our ‘Seize the Day’  printed out on it so look out for us walking around over the next month or so!! C4 also kindly donated a great 14 footer for Andy to use! He’s been training on it this week and she goes like a beaut! Will be posting photos on Facebook tomorrow!

We are all so excited to get down and meet all you amazing people down in Bondi! I personally am not as much looking forward to the jackets and jeans I’m going to have to be wearing! However it is all going to be well worth it to help out everyone and anyone we with the journey. This is going to be an epic adventure!

Well only a quick one tonight! Exciting things to come!!

Night cherubs xo


‘What lies behind us and what lies before are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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